This device reads data about the state of one's heart, and it sends notifications to your smartphone. Take care of your parents even if you're far away!

Mawi Parents is the innovative medical bracelet for your family

risk of heart disease of your parents
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This device reads data about the state of one's heart, and it sends notifications to your smartphone. Take care of your parents even if you're far away!
Mawi Parents is the innovative medical bracelet for your family
Stroke risk
Вероятность наступления инсульта в течении 10 лет
Your risk*
Optimal value*
* based on 70 years of heart research - Framingham Heart Study
Someone has a stroke every 40 seconds
of strokes can be
people die of strokes every year
What your parents are silent about?
A lot of people in later life worry about the loss of independence. Because of this they hide bad news from their loved ones. Older people often don't talk to children about their own troubles: falls, bruises, car accidents, and even ill-treatment by other people.

Health problems
An older person can consider pain, giddiness or high blood pressure as a minor health issue. He or she can try to deal with it all alone. But in old age, every malaise must be under control, especially heart problems. Negligence towards their own health can exasperate problems leading to strokes and heart attacks which could have been prevented.

The bracelet reveals early-stage heart rhythm disturbances, helping to minimize the risk of stroke and heart attack.
Mawi Parents helps you to monitor your parents' health in real time

How do Mawi Parents works
Mawi Heart is worn like a regular bracelet or watch. At a certain time, it vibrates to recall the need to make measurements.
ECG measurement
The bracelet takes readings, and then the Mawi neural network analyzes the cardiogram. This usually takes no more than 90 seconds.
Mawi mobile app displays a brief status report for your parent so he or she can be calm.
You receive smartphone notifications and a full report on the state of health of your parent (with recommendations).
Why Mawi Parents
Medical cardiogram just for 90 seconds
Heart control
Continuous monitoring of heart rhythm disorders
Convenient format
Reports in the mobile application, sending the ECG results to the doctor's e-mail
Risk reduction
The risk of stroke and heart attack is lower due to the early detection of heart failure
Instant measurement at the right moment — when the user feels heart pain, tingling or weakness
Personalized tips for reducing the risk of heart disease
Clinically proven research
1 000 000
The Mawi algorithm was tested against medical standards. According to the results of the study, its accuracy was estimated at 99%.
The Mawi neural network has been trained on 1 million hours of cardiogram data over the course of a decade through a population study
What Mawi customers say
Roberto Pag
I am 48 years old. I know that at my age the risk of heart disease increases. It is important for me to know that I monitor my health and find out about the risk of illness as soon as possible. With Mawi, I am calm and feel protected.
Irina Mitulla
I bought Mawi for my mom, she is 75 years old. She takes measurements every day, and if irregular heartbeats are detected, we immediately consult a doctor. At her age, if we talk about the heart, every minute is very important. Highly recommend.
Elena Danylo
Mawi is very convenient and, most importantly, simple. I instantly figured out how to use it, although I am not very "friendly" with technology. I wear it every day and can take the measurement at any place and at any time. It is very important to me.
Are you sure that your parents tell you the whole truth about their state of health?
Mawi Parents is an opportunity to reduce the risks of stroke and heart attack, to improve the quality of life and reduce the risk of premature death

Show your love by taking care of your beloved parents' health!
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